IM Torneria

Our company is engaged in the engineering industry since 1981 and works withinternational companies in the areas of civil and industrial automation systems andpneumatic pruning easier, and in the field of automotive transmissions, pneumaticsand fittings in general.

We specialize in bespoke work of drawing and having long experience in the engineering, we can guarantee the quality of working for an end product that never fails to respond to customer needs, thanks to innovative research andmodernization of our production structure .

Since 2003 we operate in the new plant Zola Predosa, where we have significantlyexpanded our production department and recruited new talent that has allowed ourcompany to grow with his parterns steadily and gradually.

All our work is done with modern technology and are conducted according toprotocols opertativi proven and safe. The guarantee comes from the technicalmanagement skills of those employed oriented to the highest standards of qualityand customer satisfaction.

Since 2003 we have launched our exclusive production of rigid tapping and reamingpliers found in detail in the CBA that PRODOTTI.collegamento hypertext pagepinzeIl Our main goal is customer satisfaction.